July 6, 2021



I don’t know what I’d do without my sisters.  They are the most amazing women in the world!  And how can we help having fun together?  We seriously do have so much fun.  I pity you who don’t have sisters as fantabulous as mine.  We love love to spend time together.  

And now….for some facts you may not know about the Bontrager sisters:
*We all sleep in one room.  And would have it NO other way.  The togetherness and late night chats are priceless.  Just last night several of us had a little chat right before drifting off to sleep.  Chels and I have always loved to talk in bed at night, so of course the little girlies do, too!
*We absolutely LOVE to shop together!  Chels and don’t usually shop without each other.  Ok, for real, it’s more like I cannot shop without Chels.  
*Some of us like to match.  Namely, Miss Elizabeth LOVES to match.  Most often her and Rebecca do.  Sometimes most or all of us do by accident.  
*We are all crazy about chocolate.  And the big girls love their coffee.  Elizabeth has already decided she will love coffee when she starts drinking it….someday.
*Chels usually does Elizabeth’s hair and I usually do Rebecca’s.  
*All us girls but Chels {poor oddball} have brown eyes.
“Behold! How good and how pleasant it is when brethren (sisters:) dwell together in unity.”
Psalm 133:1

{posted by Allison}


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  1. This is priceless! I absolutely love it and all the pictures! This very much reminds me of my family and my sisters. Only thing is, I there are six girls and four boys in my family instead of the opposite like yours! Ha… I have two younger sisters almost the exact age as Elizabeth and Rebecca.
    Love your family!
    Love, Hope

  2. you gals are such cute sisters. My family has 4 girls in it too. Wouldn't you know that you all of us have brown eyes and brown hair except for one sister has blue eyes and blonde hair. Seems like Chels and Elizabeth are best buds. And Allison and Rebecca are best buddies!!

  3. Aw what a sweet post! Sisters are the best friends in life. Could Allison do a post on how she puts her hair up? It's really cute and I'm looking for some new inspiration for updues before summer. I have really long hair too.
    God bless y'all!

  4. I LOVE being best friends with my sisters too! it is pricless! the most amazing thing in the world- my older sister mentioned this morning- "If you can get along with siblings, you can get along with anyone."
    Loved the post y'all!

  5. Ok, this totally sounds like me and my sisters! We don't share one room, but we have two large ones that are sorta joined. So yes… Every single night we gather in my room (because its usually cleaner, ha) and we talk. Anything from bible studies to just laughing non stop, we have TONS of fun. The coffee/hair-doing/chocolate/shopping is definitely relatable too 🙂 I just don't have a single clue what I'd do without my incredible siblings!!

  6. Thanks for the inspiration……and the pity, lol. My sister and I shared a room for most of our childhood, and it had its ups and downs, but it made us the women we are today. We don't get to see each other that often because we live in different provinces. Good reminder to be thankful for each other. And my 5 sisters-in-law as well; including one on the way. With each one I have a unique relationship. Sister relationships ARE unique, even if that means rocky. That's how my one friend who had only brothers sees it. I hope that's some comfort to any other blog readers in that situation. God bless ALL you sisters!

  7. I LOVE UR FAMILY!!! U all r so sweet!!! U all sing so pretty!!!! I've got a older sister thats the same age as Carson. I'm around Joshua's age. I watched some video's on youtube of u all singingplaying ur instruments and u all r so marvelous!!!! U all r truly a blessing from God. I would love to meet u all someday!!
    Lexi B

  8. Aww love the pics! In my family we are also 4 sisters! we also have three brown haired, brown eyed gals and a green eyed, light haired one. 🙂 I know what you mean! Sisters have the most fun together! And about the night-room chats… THEY ARE THE BEST! we are blood sisters, but it is even more wonderful because we are God's daughters too and we share EVERYTHING. May you always feel that way about each other! Love, Andy

  9. Y'all are so sweet! I love my sister too!!! Don't know WHAT I would do with out her!!! But yet I'm losing her in June, she to be married and me to be alone with a house full of brothers! *Laugh* It will be fun and crazy sad at the very same time.

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