February 24, 2012
Last year we began a tradition of spending part of a week with our cousins in Georgia while several of us fly home to attend to farm matters.
Last year I went with Mitchell & Dad since I had lots of students that were badly needing some piano lessons. But this year I am no longer teaching, so I got to stay and see what all goes on when this many cousins live together for 4 days.
May I just say….there are many moments, memories, and mishaps. 
dear dear.
they’re gonna grow up to be just like their crazy older sistas.
Bible time with nine littles…..
Allison and Breanna cutting up apples for Allison’s famous apple pie
On Tuesday the mothers took all the children to the zoo (more on that soon)
and left us four girls to keep the house. 
It was so unbelievably quiet.
We didn’t know what to do with ourselves in such a peaceful enviroment.
We had a marvelous time but were very happy to see the tribe return.
Courney & Rebecca
Haircuts happen everywhere we go!
The older boys also got to spend part of a day cutting wood for Uncle Joe and they loved it. 
(unfortunately I didn’t get that digitally documented….bummer)
They had sore arms, a few blisters, and happy, tired smiles when they were finished.
Aunt Dorcas makes the worlds best pizza….hands down.
grilling some of the pizzas.
some people were grilling. =)
Part of the crew…
Our little wifi hotspot. =)
The eight-year old violinists.
We love to incorporate our cousins into our concerts whenever it works out. So at our concert in Moreland, the younger ones were joined by their cousins in singing several songs.


cousins, travels

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  1. I think perhaps the crazies follow the Bontrager family singers. Or is a little of the "Birds of a feather, flock together" happening here? Anyway, family crazies are the best!

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